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Zondag 19 maart

Workshop: „work smarter“ (09:00-13:00)
Reflect your own teaching. What progress do you see in your students? What is efficient movement? Learn the right tools to become an efficent movement teacher. This Workshop addresses to all Pilates teachers of all schools and will enhance your teaching skills. All Pilates novices are welcome as well to understand the potential of being a Pilates Trainer.

Workshop: „Polestar Pilates Dance intro“ (14:00-18:00)
Pilates for the Dancer addresses the needs of dancers or professional Pilates Trainers working with dancers from a Pilates perspective. This course is a brief introduction teaching and summarizing why this method is connected to dance over the last 90 years: Pilates facilitates strength, flexibility, coordination, and reveals techniques for performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation of the dancer. This workshop is supporting Dancers and teachers working with dancers.

Masterclass (18:00-19:00)

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