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Chassé Dance Studios & Mama Africa Meeting
PAPA AFRICA Amsterdam 2017

Saturday 10th of June

We would like to invite you for the first edition of Papa Africa Amsterdam.

Together with Mama Africa Meeting from Italy we would like to bring the best African dancers to Amsterdam. Take this chance to dive into the African dance scene, to get new energy and to get to know your body in a different way!

Workshop 1 Afro Jazz:
A mix of African traditional dance and Jazz dance. Afro jazz is a dance from West-Africa and later on more developed in the United States, due to slavery. This technique is used a lot in musicals, movies and for television. Well known choreographers in Afro Jazz: Alvin Ailey and Katherine Dunham. Discover the beauty of Afro Jazz and enjoy the freedom in dance!

Workshop 2 Sabar:
Traditional dance of Senegal, Wolof. Sabar is a dance of seduction and talks about rhythm. It’s a dance with a lot technique, power, fun and a lot of positive energy. Together with the musicians, dancers and the public, you create the real feeling of Sabar!

13.30 – 15.30 Afro Jazz
16.00 – 18.00 Sabar
18.00 Studio presentation

Gerard Diby, born in Ivory-Coast and now teacher, choreographer and dancer in Paris. He worked as a dancer in the biggest companies in African-contemporary dance, like Georges Momboye, la calabasse de Merlin Nyakam and the Ivory-Coast National Ballet.
Qualified as a teacher in Jazz-dance, he gives workshops and Master-classes in African dance and Afro-Jazz all over the world. Festivals like Mama Africa Meeting 2008-2015 in Italy and FILO 2010 in Brazil were taken by his energetic and spontaneous dance vibes!
In June 2014 he received an Award for the best Solo ‘Héritage’, in Torino, Italy.
Mama Africa Meeting 2013, Italy
Centre Momboye, Paris
Gerard Diby & Simone Heijloo

Yelly Thioune is the son of the Griot family, West Africa. He started to dance when he was four years old. He danced with the company ‘Tam Tam d’Afrique de Thiaroye’ in 1999 by Thie Cumba In Casamance. In between he travelled a lot between Europe and Senegal, where he danced in videoclips from Fallou Dieng, Ndongo Lo, Thione Seck and Youssou Ndour.
Since 2003, he is the leader of the group ‘Yelly et African Ndiguel’ with the 50 best dancers and musicians from Senegal. In 2004 he danced during the opening of the African World Cup in Tunisia. With his African Ndiguel Group, Yelly created a lot of different dance projects between Senegal and Europe since 2005. He gives a lot of workshops and is part of the Mama Africa Meeting in Italy. In 2015 he toured around Japan.
Sabar class Yelly Thioune, AfroMundo
Videoclip Pecc mi

– 1 workshop: € 25,- (non member) / € 20,- (member)
– 2 workshop: € 40,- (incl. presentation) / € 35,- (member)
– Studio presentation: € 5,-

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